Start your own part-time business

27 January 2014
PROMOTION: Take over TownWizard Amsterdam By Dark, build it into thé guide for your target group, and generate revenues through offering promotions and sponsorships.

TownWizard offers you the complete package (website, app, CMS) 3 months for free to get you started. After 3 months it's only €95,- per month excl. VAT.

Call us today at 070 250 0801 or check out for more information.

15 things to do for free in Amsterdam

09 July 2013

15 things to do for free in Amsterdam. Ever wondered what to do with no money? Read on to start saving...

Amsterdam Festivals

09 July 2013

Did you know that Amsterdam holds more than 90 festivals a year? Have a look on the agenda and make your choice!

a great year

12 February 2013
2013 promises to be a great year in Amsterdam! Amsterdam always cast a spell on travellers, but the party ramps up big-time in 2013, when more anniversaries than you can shake a herring at coincide.
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